Форум о работе и профессиях

Hi, If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in bitcoin, purely as a matter of personal curiosity or for business reasons. So let briefly me introduce Apirone.com:


Purpose To be a leader in the cryptocurrency industry by providing user-friendly and transparent services. For example, our fixed commissions by transaction (0.0002 BTC/transaction). And no additional fees.
Vision To provide quality services that helps the all community where necessary. That’s why we launched our bitcoin blockchain explorer that supports Segwit transactions.
Core values As simple as possible. We believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are our future, but now, we have the following situation: bitcoin is like internet in the 90’s. If we want more, we must work together and simplify the process as we can.
Goals A large, international and unlimited service for all of us. We propose only a fund transfer service because we think that it’s better to be one of the best in a small field of competence that want to appear more competent than we really are in a large field.

Try our WordPress, VirtueMart and OpenCart plugins: https://apirone.com/integrations/

Or use Restful API to create own implementation: https://apirone.com/docs/